About the Club

What sets Candy apart from the other night club spots in Bricktown?

Customer service is a huge deal for us! We want everyone to walk away with a great experience and want them to continue to come back. Customer service is a huge factor in why people continue to revisit places. Also, our music is all over the board. We have a drummer that plays live with our DJ on Friday’s & Saturday’s. We play everything from every type of genre. Every person that comes into Candy should hear several songs throughout the night that they can sing along to! We wanted it to be an upscale house party where all of your favorite people come to hang out and you throw on that good mix of your favorite songs and dance to them all night long! Plus there is not’t one place in Bricktown or Oklahoma City that specifically caters to women. Most of the nightclubs and bars around Oklahoma City are all geared toward some type of theme, and we decided to gear ours towards a specific type of person.

Do you have an upcoming birthday/event?

We go over the top with your party! We have special offers if you book your upcoming event with us, and we make sure to take care of the details from start to finish. Not to mention, we have managed to incorporate several things throughout our place that you won’t see anywhere else! We have definitely perfected that “party” atmosphere!

 What “candy” items can club goers expect to see at the club?

Everything from the attire our staff is wearing, specialty cocktails, colors on the wall, the furniture & decor, down to the actual candy in our candy jars! Candy is everywhere!

What is the cost for entry?

Friday & Saturday cover is $10 for guys and girls, doors open at 10pm!


Dress to impress.

No t-shirts, shorts, torn clothing, tennis shoes, work style boots, chains, oversized jewelry, baggy clothing, jerseys, flip flops, visible under garments or baseball caps. In general men wear a collared shirt and nice trendy jeans with dress shoes and Ladies wear nice dresses and heels.